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The Bacchus Bow

“The bows of Monomax are of singular beauty. Both in exquisite form, each being truly unique, and in their indescribable sweetness and true beauty of tone. The sounds they draw are of any color, they sing operatically, articulate with precision, can cry out, growl, whisper; and always with a core of complex, muscular, yet vulnerable sound. This is what a great bow should be. Highly recommended!!

Among all of my Monomax bows I have a favorite...That is the elegant grapevine inlaid bow (I've nicknamed it "Bacchus"), it has a unique sound, and so flexible, delicate handling that comes with fabulous articulation when needed, so can do pianissimo articulation with grace, yet can sound as robust as ever needed in fortissimo passages.”

Dr. Aaron Feldman, owner of the Bacchus Bow.

New York, USA

Monomax Bows

“Thank you for your fantastic work. I am glad to have discovered you and your bows. My Monomax bows are a joy to play. In addition to their uniquely stunning aesthetic beauty, they grip the string in a reassuring way and pull a clear, luminous, vibrant, ringing sound. Bravo!

Dr. Patrick T.S. Yim, owner of multiple Monomax Bows.

Honolulu, Hawai USA

The Shield Bow - Excerpt from Corrilon Auction House

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Excerpt from the Corrilon Auction House, words by Corrilon experts.

The Classic Bow

“I am sending this message to thank you greatly for the bow, it is really unique, it is a true work of art, it is perfect for my hand and my violin. I have looked at more of yours violin bows, they are the most beautiful I have seen, I hope to buy another one. Thanks again and congratulations for such an excellent job!”

Dr. Lino Morales, owner of Classic Style Bow.